The UK's Bitcoin Conference

21 & 22 October, 2022

Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh



Bitcoin Collective Mission

Bitcoin is powering a new stage of financial evolution. This revolutionary technology will change money and how we use it forever. Bitcoin Collective is committed to creating an inclusive environment for an honest and open dialogue about everything Bitcoin. By educating and informing people at all stages of their journey, we aim to create debate, inspire action and synthesise a new UK-led movement that understands Bitcoin, sound money, and the tremendous potential for the future.

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Lee Bratcher

President and Founder of the Texas Blockchain Council


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Jeff Booth

Entrepreneur, Tech Leader, Author of the Price of Tomorrow


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Natalie Brunell

Host of Coin Stories & Hard Money


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Pierre Corbin

Director & Producer of 'The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin'


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Allen Farrington

Bitcoin’s cultural and literature alignments & Author of 'Bitcoin is Venice'


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Greg Foss

Bitcoin Strategist & Bond Expert


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Martell Fox

Chief People Officer & Bitcoin Advocate


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James Lavish

Reformed hedge-fund manager & macroeconomics expert


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Jose Lemus

CEO at Ibex Mercado


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Lawrence Lepard

Investment Manager & Sound Money Advocate


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Peter McCormack

Host of What Bitcoin Did & chairman of Real Bedford FC


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Samson Mow

Nation-state Bitcoin adoption, JAN3 CEO & architect of the Bitcoin Bonds


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Obi Nwosu

CEO of Fedi and board member for ₿trust


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Margot Paez

Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute specialising in Renewable Energy and Environmental Studies


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Danny Scott

CoinCorner CEO


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Peter Wall

CEO at Argo Blockchain



Together we are The Bitcoin Collective

The first Bitcoin Collective conference in Edinburgh has been created for one purpose only: Bringing people together to educate and inform each other about Bitcoin in a friendly, inclusive and inspirational weekend.

Together with expert speakers from across the globe, The Bitcoin Collective aims to educate and inform, create debate, inspire action and synthesise a new UK-led movement that understands Bitcoin, sound money, and the tremendous potential for the future.

What to expect:

Acclaimed Speakers – We’re bringing together experts in Bitcoin from all over the world to explain why they think Bitcoin is important and how it can affect positive change for everyone. Check out our Speaker List for award-winning journalists, CEOs, technology pioneers, and financial specialists, all of whom are committed to making Bitcoin centre stage.

Topical Panels – We’ll be getting stuck into the big questions surrounding Bitcoin. Take part and have your questions answered on topics like mass adoption, sound money, environmental impact, and the creation of a more egalitarian financial system through Bitcoin from the people who understand it best.

Exhibitors – Check out our fantastic range of exhibitors and see what they have in store for you, including live demos and amazing giveaways. We’re delighted to have such a fantastic range, and we’re sure you will be too!

A few surprises… – We can’t say too much, they’re surprises! You’ll just have to come along and find out!

We can’t wait to see you there!


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